12:00 AM
You suddenly popped out in my head
I just ate everything I said
like I am some kind of a desperate ass
who still wants to have your attention
a moment with you again
just like the old times we had,

12:05 AM
I see myself as a crazy person
who loves someone with crazy character
the so called not deserving one
or maybe I am too
I guess it’s mutual
but I am just the one who saw it,

12:07 AM
I am having doubts if I should talk to you
if I still want to be friend with you
after I fell in love with you
after I realized I am just a chaperon
after my book was ruined
I still want to be with you,

12:10 AM
I know you will not read this
but if you do, please bare with me
don’t pity me like a five feet empty pool
just let my drama run
I am over with you
but I still want to be with you
crazy thing to understand
but yes, I miss you. 

cabsanity: 8 - What do you feel right now?

I feel hungry and useless. It seems that everything is severely redundant that I can’t see any progress in me anymore. I am stuck in the world where I drown everyday. I don’t know how to save myself and I don’t know why there’s no one willing to help me. 

X- 300

We saw each other again
but this time I’m not his friend
not anymore to be exact
I am just one of his costumers,

He stayed in my room
where lights were off
but no stories to share anymore
we just stripped naked,

He lie down in my bed
touching each other
but this time with no love attached
it was just a plain lustful game,

We left with no goodbyes
no assurance of coming back
he touched my hands
but this time only to get his money. 

Panawagan sa Pelikulang Pilipino

Alam ko naman……

Sana next time…….

Iba na kasi talaga ang taste ng mga Pilipino ngayon, nakasanayan na natin ang mainstream kilig sa kagwapuhan o kagandahan ng bida. Nawili na tayo sa komedyang tipong maulit-ulit na lang. Hindi naman sa nawawalan ako ng pag-asa o naiirita sa kanila pero bilang isang indibidwal na mahilig sa mga pelikula, gusto ko din ng ibang putahe halintulad sa pang-araw araw na pagkain. Buti na lang may mga indie films, kahit hindi masyado napapansin, nakakalusot pa din kaso bihira lang naman yung buwan at halos tuwing film festival lang sila sumisipot. Kadalasan pa eh sa piling mga sinehan lang sila pwede magpalabas ng kanilang obra. 

Hindi naman ako nagrereklamo. Gusto ko lang talaga ng bago. 

I miss the late night coffee along Matalino
the never ending brewed coffee
the cheap but overflowing sugar and creamer
the half circle couch with small table
the sweet and cute barista
and specially the people I’m with,

It has been months since the last time
like it was already a history
a story of a long, long time ago
a memory that I can only reminiscence
a bond that’s too impossible to happen again,

How I wish I can feel the palpitation again
the random stories of each one of us
the laughter and jokes we shared
a picture of us, smiling under the moon
a friendship that help cope up
and not to feel alone,

I miss them all. 

Me: Will you go out with me? :)))
Me: No. 

"After all, I’m still a stranger."
                      - Six-word Story


                     let the blood

                                  As I slice him open
                        to have his heart
            let my reflection
see this part,

           but soon,
           I know,
           he will
          love me
          like fire.

Written by MMC

A letter came five days ago
but until this moment
I haven’t open it
no reasons,

It was a white envelope
addressed to me
from someone
who checked me,

I stared at it every night
wondering what’s inside
what words were in there
what purpose was behind,

I don’t know if I can handle it
I am afraid to accept the answers
I know death is on the way
but I am not ready yet.

Not so left behind man

His face was so gorgeous
he smiles like a beautiful painting
just like his arts, so likely
I somehow like him too,

He was known all over
some were lining up for him
to love him as much as they can
so lucky to have bunch of them,

But he talks sad words
very unusual to hear
more deeper than the ordinary
like no one noticed him,

Message came with hugs and kisses
encouragement in a silver plate
the so called waiting list
were like fans with banners,

But in the end
he still feels like a broken vase
and I can’t understand it anymore
maybe I won’t. 

Farewell, King Joffrey

He was the worst
the charming king
who killed another king
and laughed in every death,

He was mean
a disrespectful son
an awful nephew
and useless husband,

He was a coward one
the one who cries under a cloak
the one who hides behind a protector
and the one who act very stupid,

He was dead
with a piece of a pie
and a sip of a wine
his blood ran from his nose. 

After four years
he sent a text message
saying he missed me
he longed for me,

Four years of now communication
with the thought not having any
and now here he was
telling sweet things,

I didn’t reply 
I ignored he message
but it hunts me inside
urging me to talk to him,

I missed him too
I cried a lot for him
but it was over
I already moved on,

But everything went misery
he showed up in surprise
and most of them came back
from the fact that I still love him. 

The Unexpected MU

The weather was gloomy
I can’t even paint it
traffic jammed like another dilemma
people wrinkled on their chairs
they were like a sad story
trapped in an action film,

The long walk was done
I saw my friends with some others
I noticed familiar faces
while some were just ordinary
laughter was circling around
silenced came when I show up,

We ended sitting in a crowded chain
eating in one handed situation
exchanging thoughts to each other
as I eye the other table from the left
it was a bit awkward to be frank
but it calmed me with free cold dessert,

We came back to the sea
to catch up and be friendly
I managed to be one
even turned myself crazy
as the night say goodbye
here I am with the same lullaby. 

One Quick Move

He looked at me through the mirror
his eyes were like saying something
it was caressing me in a different way
an eye contact that seems awkwardly sexy
I didn’t do anything
I just stared back at him
like we know each other
like talking imaginatively
and as the other people went out
we were left alone
washing our hands repeatedly
like we were waiting for something
for someone who actually the both us,

He walked behind
he whispered something 
I’m partly deaf
I didn’t hear anything
it was like a blurred words from space
he went inside the cubicle
but then he looked at me
and called me using his head gesture
I am weak that time
I walked through his way
and went inside with him,

We didn’t asked each other’s name
we didn’t say hi or got each other’s hand shake
instead, we kissed
we kissed and hold each other’s ass
we kissed as we remove our shirts
I went down to do a better job
he was holding head tightly
and then he pulled me up
turned me around
and pulled my pants down
he inserted his thing
I wait crazy, I cry in pain
and then when his done
we cleaned up
and part ways like the same strangers earlier. 

The man from far-behind

That bone structure
a sexual urge
that pains me inside
craving for it
like hungry hound,

As I stare upon
the boner in me
can’t help itself
so weird
and terribly awkward,

But the only thing I can do
is to just to stare
the photographs are my avenue
the only outlet
where I can touch you,

One day I wish
that I can imprisoned you
tied up in my bed
devilish staring at you 
and then I will eat you.